Combi Tools 

With combi tools, you get the best of both worlds. They allow you to both cut and spread during a rescue operation. Did you know Holmatro offers the fastest combi tool on the market? Discover the various models, options and benefits here. 

Purpose of use 

Combi tools can be used in various rescue scenario’s. The common purpose: to quickly and safely extricate an entrapped patient from a vehicle. 

Pentheon combi tools 

The Pentheon combi tools offer removable tips. This way you are able to cut material without crushing it. Second, these battery-powered combi tools are the fastest combi tools on the market right now. Thanks to stepless speed maximization, these models have unparalleled speed while they also provide you with ultimate control. Another benefit? Battery management made easy with the on-tool charging feature. Charge up to 3 batteries simultaneously and up to 6 batteries without any hassle. 

CORE combi tools

CORE technology refers to the way hydraulic oil is directed from the pump to the tool. And also the other way around! The CORE models offer various benefits since they are lightweight and multifunctional. And thanks to the extra grip tooth, you prevent wider materials from being pushed out for the blades. 

Hand operated combi tools 

For optimal freedom of movement, rapid deployment and easy carrying and storage, you can choose for hand operated combi tools.