Combi Tools (H)CT 5111 & 5117 ST

Combi Tools (H)CT 5111 & 5117 ST - Header.jpg

The ultra-lightweight, compact solution for tactical cutting and spreading.

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Compact design

  • Easy to add to your kit

Extremely lightweight

  • Weights from 8.1 kg / 17.9 lb
  • Easy to carry and handle

Models with integrated or separate hand pump available

  • Models HCT 5111 & 5117 ST with integrated hand pump are immediately ready for use: Simply fold out the pump handle and start pumping
  • Models CT 5111 & 5117 ST are operated with a separate hand pump which reduces the weight of these tools. CORE Technology makes setup quick and easy: Only one hose to connect tool to pump.

Low visibility and quiet operation

  • Suitable for tactical operations

Choice between models with highest spreading force and highest spreading distance

  • Models (H)CT 5111 ST have a maximum spreading force of 457 kN / 46.6 t / 102738 lbf
  • Models (H)CT 5117 ST have a maximum spreading distance of 431 mm / 17 in
  • Simply pick the most suitable tool for the job and you're ready to go

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