Steady equipment that works fast and silently is of paramount importance for people that are handling Special Tactics operations. You don’t want to be heard and seen during a forcible entry operation, so equipment needs to work quickly and quietly. The innovative hydraulic breaching tools of Holmatro are especially designed for this purpose. Let’s show you which breaching tool works best for your mission. 

When working on a special tactics operation, preparation is key. It is important to have the right tools to successfully handle the situation. When you want to catch people by surprise, it’s important to move quietly and thoroughly. That’s where the hydraulic breaching tools from Holmatro come in. You may be wondering which tool works best for the purpose you have in mind. Therefore, we have summarized the pros and cons of each of our breaching tool specifically for Special Tactics. 
Do you need breaching tools for rescue operations? Visit our rescue page about breaching tools. 

Door Opener HDO100 

The Door Opener HDO100 is a single-acting door opener, coming in a compact briefcase that you can carry with one hand. A small, but powerful breaching tool, operated by an external hand pump. Some of its features include:

  • Compact tool, with a ready to use weight of 6,7kg / 14,8lbs. 
  • The handle is rotatable in 360°, so you can easily install it in different angles.
  • A maximum stroke length of 130 mm / 5,1 in.
  • The external hand pump means two people are needed to operate this tool, and physical force is needed. This may also make your operation less quick and stealth.

Breaching ram DR200ST 

The Door Ram DR200  ST is a double-acting door ram with a CORE connection, made for breaching inward opening doors with multiple locks. Double-acting means you can easily control the oil flow in both ways with the control handle, making the tool easier to use.
Some of its features include:

  • Powered by Core hose and pump saving you the need of investing in a separate hose and pump if you already have a Core-powered tool, such as a Combi Tool.
  • Can also be combined with a backpack pump, making it operable by one person.
  • Both options require less manual force and manpower than a hand pump.
  • Designed to quickly open inward opening doors.
  • Can also be used for outward opening doors, with help of mechanical tools.
  • The maximum stroke length of 300 mm / 11,8 in makes it easier to open doors with multiple locks or flexible doors.
  • Ready for use weight of 7,6kg/16,8lbs.

Door ram GDR200EVO3 (excl. battery) 

The Door Ram GDR200EVO3 ST is the same tool as the DR200ST, only powered by our EVO-3 battery technology. This gives the tool some additional features and benefits:

  • The GDR200STEVO3 is a cordless tool, making it operable by one person. 
  • Ready for use weight of 13,4kg/29,5lbs

Even though this tool is heavier than its hose equivalent, there's the big advantage of not having to drag along a hose and pump. This makes you more mobile and less visible during your operation.

Door Blaster HDB 90 ST 

The high-end Door Blaser HDB 90 ST is made for silent operations. It’s the quietest and fastest breaching tool of them all and especially designed for remote operations. This is especially useful in dangerous situations. Features and benefits of this tool include:

The combination of pneumatics and hydraulics makes this our most powerful and quiet breaching tool.

  • As fast as explosives, without flying debris.
  • Can be controlled from a distance with a wireless remote control, in case of an expected ambush.  
  • Ready for use weight of 10,8 kg (23,8 lbs).
  • Carrying, installation and operation can be done by one person.

T1 forcible entry tool

The mentioned hydraulic breaching tools can be very effective when an operation can be carefully prepared. This is not always possible though, and even then, surprises are still possible. That’s why we launched an all-in-one forcible entry tool in 2023: the T1. This tool can be used to breach heavy inward opening doors, but also lift roller doors, cut locks, and ram interior doors. This way, it combines all features of an extensive breaching kit in one compact tool design. Some of its features and benefits include:

  • Operable by one person.
  • A ready to use weight of 7,7kg /17 lbs.
  • The detachable wedge can be used to create the first gap.
  • Spreading tips can then be used to hydraulically breach heavy inward opening doors.
  • The maximum spreading distance is 128 mm/ 5 in, like that of the HDO 100.
  • The two-step hydraulic pump saves energy, compared to mechanic tools.
  • The T1 can also be used as Special Materials Cutter, battering ram or hammer.

Though less silent and fast as the HDB 90, this versatile tool is suitable for many actions you may need to perform during a special tactics operation.
This means the T1 can help you to break all barriers. 

Do you need help by selecting which breaching tools work for you? 
Holmatro’s Special Tactics equipment is designed for breaking barriers. We know which tools works best in which situation or operation. Do you need more advice on a personal note? Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you select a breaching tool that works best for you. 

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