Our business culture

Working at Holmatro means working in an open corporate culture with colleagues who are proud of working for our organization. We attach great importance to the quality, health & safety and entrepreneurship of our employees. We do this so that our employees can make a difference in the organization and that they are proud of their contribution to our organization.

The Holmatro culture is very important to us and we believe it is the quality of our employees and our right mindset that distinguishes us from our competitors.


Holmatro flywheel

In the inner ring of the above Holmatro flywheel is our goal, this ring gives value to the important work we do every day. How do we do that? We do this on the basis of the behavioral characteristics and our corporate culture. Our behavioral characteristics are: innovation by everyone, use common sense, find collaboration and empower yourself.

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Our organizational culture is characterized by short communication lines and collegiality. We continuously invest in social innovation and personal leadership at all levels.

Strongest Link

We believe that every individual, team and department is an important link in our success. Together we form the Strongest Link. We strive for a great commitment where employees are empowered and reinforce each other. Visiting each other, everyone innovating, being self-managing and using common sense are the behavioral characteristics that everyone embraces and on which we coach each other. At Holmatro, it is therefore not only about WHAT we achieve, but also HOW we achieve it.