Stacking Ring SR127/53-50

Stacking Rings are used for the mechanical securing of the railway vehicle, when the vehicle has to hold its position for a longer time period.

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Stacking Ring SR127/53-50
  • Stacking Ring SR127/53-50
Número de artículo 101.001.626
Especificaciones básicas
modelo SR127/53-50
adecuado para cilindros HATC 127/53
Dimensiones, peso y temperatura
peso, listo para su uso 1.8 kg 4 lb
dimensiones (AxBxC) 50 x 230 x 154 mm 2 x 9.1 x 6.1 in
Dimensiones Dibujo técnico
dimensión A 50 mm 2 in
dimensión B 230 mm 9.1 in
dimensión C 154 mm 6.1 in
  • • Lightweight aluminum
  • • Easy to place around the plunger of the lifting cylinder.