Cunhas e blocos conjunto A

Holmatro chocks, blocks, and wedges are ecologically sound because they are made of recycled polyethylene which is 100% re-usable and has a longer life span in comparison to wood. Polyethylene also can't splinter and has a lower weight that floats on water.

Normalmente fornecido com:

    2 x 1 cunhas em escada
    2 x 1 cunhas de pequenas dimensões
    2 x 1 cunhas de grandes dimensões
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Cunhas e blocos conjunto A
Chocks & Blocks Setra
  • Cunhas e blocos conjunto A
  • Chocks & Blocks Setra
Número do artigo 158.562.004
Especificações básicas
modelo Set A
Dimensões, peso e temperatura
peso, pronto para uso 8.5 kg 18.7 lb
  • Environment-friendly
    • Made of recycled polyethylene
    • 100% re-usable
  • Longer life span than wood
    • Virtually indestructible through one piece moulding
  • Non-absorbent material
    • Total resistance to water and oil
  • Stackable
    • Non-slip with unique surface profile design
  • Extra grip due to elasticity of material under load
  • Higher surface pressure allowed
    • Supports 100 kg/cm2 in all directions
  • Lightweight
    • Floats on water
  • No splintering
    • Safe