Transformer safely jacked and skidded into position at Knowl Hill Substation


31 Tonne transformer jacked and skidded from Winder Power in Leeds to Knowl Hill, Berkshire. Collett’s Team used the Holmatro Skidding system and four Holmatro hydraulic cylinders.

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Commissioned by: Collett
Location: Berkshire, United Kingdom


Collett was challenged to transport a 31 Tonne transformer from Winder Power in Leeds to Knowl Hill, Berkshire.


Since the weight and size of the transformer Collett was in need of a solution that could fit the needs and the specifications to safely jack and skid the transformer into its new position. 


Utilising Collett’s 6x4 DAF XF 510 and Faymonville low loader, Collett’s team transported the 5.3 x 2.9 x 4.4 m (L x W x H) transformer from Winder Power in Leeds to Knowl Hill, Berkshire.

Once on site, Collett’s team lowered the bed of the trailer to allow space for the positioning of the four  hydraulic cylinders (HGC50S35).  With these in place, Colletts’ Team gradually raised the transformer in 25mm increments to a sufficient height to allow for the right installation of the skidding track underneath. By gradually lowering the cylinders, the transformer was manoeuvred into position on the skid track. 

This low weight skidding system has a capacity of 200T. The system is very efficient when there is limited insertion space. The lightweight components with optimally placed grips are easy to carry, handle, position and assemble by one or two persons (so, no forklift needed). This reduces the physical burden and gives you the maximum performance at a minimum weight. It’s also a modular system that’s easy to adapt to different load sizes and projects. The use of sliding pads with extremely low friction coefficient gives it a low sliding resistance between tracks and beams.  

Once settled, Collett’s team extended and retracted the push/pull unit between the track’s locking points gradually sliding the transformer towards it’s designated siting on the substation plinth. Once in position, our Team once again placed the four hydraulic cylinders (HGC50S35)  to raise the transformer, allowing for the removal of the track before final lowering into position.

Collett application

And yet another transformer safely delivered by Collett with the use of Holmatro Industrial Equipment!

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This makes the skidding system flexible and multi-usable in various applications and projects, like another Collett application; horizontal movement of transformers with a low insertion space. 

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