Service as a Solution

Safe Lift combines over 27 years of experience in lifting and hoisting projects. They know exactly what is key in their customer’s project’s to succeed. With an extensive, high-quality equipment park, there’s a solution available to every application. In spite of all this, they were left with 1 challenge; how do you ensure safety, liability and durability / TCO within the rental market?

Partner: Safe Lift GMBH (link)
Location: Bochum, Germany


Safe Lift has an extensive, high-quality equipment park that is always available for their rental customers, including Holmatro High pressure hydraulic tools. They unburden their customers with their knowledge and expertise. On top of that, the customer does not have to invest in tools that are only required for a specific project or they have a chance to test, experience tools before actually investing themselves.


Safe lift unburdens the customer with their rental program. Their customer does not only rely on their expertise, but also on a guaranteed functioning & safe system to get the job done; no personal risks, no downtime. At the same time, Safe Lift needs to monitor their investment; maintain the quality of the tools, ensure the lifespan; ensure financial liability. They tried to track & trace the status of the tools after use by means of a “standard” workshop press. However, this way of testing did not show al faulties and therefore risks.


Holmatro’s years of experience has learned there is only one correct way to determine whether a hydraulic system is safe to use: dynamic testing. With dynamic testing, a max use situation of the cylinder is simulated in a controlled environment. By doing so, hidden defects will be identified sooner, ensuring the reliability, safety  & lifespan of your tools.  
•    Specially for high pressure hydraulics > 500 bar 
•    105% over pressure 
Whilst put to use, the whole hydraulic system functions under high pressure  of > 500 bar. The system components may bare both visible and invisible malfunctions as well, resulting in potential risks for personal injury and downtime. Therefore, all items are inspected & tested according Holmatro’s Inspection Procedures.

SafeLift - Holmatro Premium Service Center
Safe Lift GmbH:“We completely agree with Holmatro’s philosophy on the need for dynamic testing. So when starting our cooperation, we did not hesitate to immediately invest in a Holmatro Premium Service Center including a 150T testing frame. When the rented tools return, all is tested & inspected according the Holmatro Inspection Procedures.
•    Defaults, risks are immediately shown
•    Risks can be prevented
•    Defaults caused by wrongful use can be charged to the customer
Altogether, the Holmatro Premium Service concept has given us full control on our installed  base. For us, Holmatro is the 700bar specialist and a much valued partner."