Squeezing of mould in a press machine during rubber production

RC Trelleborg

Commissioned by Trelleborg, Holmatro supplied an accurate hydraulic system, consisting of multi-purpose cylinders, FlowPanel and hand pump, which meet the strict technical production requirements. 

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Commissioned by: Trelleborg
Location: Qingdao, China


Trelleborg is a worldwide market leader in engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp and protect critical applications in demanding environments. They need to design a new press machine to squeeze the mould during the rubber production. Consider the technical requirements of production such as the stress, pressure and speed, etc., will a hydraulic system be a good option.


Trelleborg requires that the plunger of the hydraulic cylinders to work as a rod that can push back against the mould with fixed pressure settings. This could potentially maximize the production of rubber goods per day on the press machine.  During this cycle, one must ensure that the process is controllable, stable, safe and follows the strict production requirements.


To meet the different requirements during production, the multi-purpose cylinders have a wide range of models ranging from tonnages to stroke lengths and a collar thread that fits Trelleborg’s equipment. The cylinder will then be further enhanced by Duplex Power Coating and Duo Power Ring to ensure a longer life span and a safer working environment.

2 multi-purpose cylinders (HGC 25 S 45) will be mounted invertedly onto the press rack, enabling the plungers to extend downwards thus pressing it against the mould. Together with the FlowPanel and hand pump, the pressure and stroke can then be controlled with perfect precision.

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