Moving a 30 tonnes blow molding machine


Commissioned by TKM Turnkey Movement, Holmatro supplied lifting equipment, like toe cylinders, a FlowPanel and a hand pump. The Holmatro equipment makes sure TKM is ready for the near future.

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Commissioned by:  TKM Turnkey Movement
Location: Spain


TKM Turnkey Movement is a Dutch company specialized in industrial relocations from location A to B (worldwide) or internal. Their technicians assist with the (dis)assembly of machines, installations and/or production lines.

For one of their customers, they had to move a blow molding machine (bottle making machine). In this machine, extrusion blow molding (EBM), plastic is melted and extruded into a hollow tube (a glass lump). This preformed glass is then collected by closing it in a cooled metal mold. The next step is blowing air into the glass preform and inflating is into the shape of the hollow bottle, tube or container.


Turnkey Movement ensures that the customer's production is back on track as soon as possible. In these difficult COVID times TKM adapts quickly and they know exactly how to turn this challenge into success. With their worldwide expertise and their own experienced technicians, they know exactly how to handle Holmatro lifting equipment. Reliability of the Holmatro hydraulic equipment is very important for TKM.


Holmatro supplied 2 lifting sets, which consists of 2 toe cylinders HMJ 10 S 15 M (incl. Holmatro multifunction cylinders), each with a lifting capacity of 10 tons, a compact hand pump (PA18 H 2), a Flow panel and Holmatro hoses. 

The compact cylinders and lightweight hand pump can be easily transported which makes these cylinders and the lightweight handpump perfect for a lot of applications

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