Wireless Control Set

Wireless Control Set for Holmatro Door Blaster breaching systemWith a radio range of 100 m. or 328 ft. clear line of sight the Wireless Control Set increases operator safety during forcible entry operations. It is used for remote operation of the Holmatro Door Blaster, an innovative breaching tool.

Remote Breaching

The Wireless Control Set  WCS01 allows you to operate the Door Blaster from a much greater distance. Now you can hide further away from the door and activate the door opener from as safer position. The new set comes in addition to the existing remote control, which is mounted on a 2 m. / 79 in. hose as part of the Door Blaster Pack, the drive unit.  

Wireless Operation

The new set consists of a battery-powered receiver and a control unit. The receiver is connected to the drive unit which remains near the door. The control unit is used to activate the Door Blaster’s breaching and quick-release functions. This can be done from a distance up to 100 m. / 328 ft. The set has a stand-by mode of 48 hours. The receiver’s connection cable is also used to charge its battery. 

LED Feedback

LED lights on the remote control give you the following feedback:LED feedback on wireless control unit Holmatro Door Blaster

  • Connection status
  • Action complete status of  breach function
  • Action complete status of quick-release function
  • Battery status receiver
  • Battery status control unit



Remote breaching: How does it work?
Breaching: approaching the door with Holmatro Door Blaster

Approach. One person carries the complete breaching system to the door. The system consists of the Door Blaster, the Door Blaster Pack and the wireless receiver in a pouch. Both the door opener and the receiver are connected to the drive unit in the backpack.






Breaching: placing Holmatro Door Blaster in door frameInstallation. The operator presses a button on the door opener to place it in the door frame. This is done quickly and silently thanks to the use of compressed air.







Breaching: move further away from door with Holmatro wireless control unitTaking position. The operator leaves the backpack and the pouch near the door and takes position with the control unit on a safe spot. This should be within the radio range of 100 m. / 328 ft clear line of sight.







Remote breaching with Holmatro Door BlasterBreaching. The operator activates the door opener’s pushing cylinder with the help of a tumbler switch on the control unit. It only takes a second to breach the door.







Remote breaching: quick release of Holmatro Door BlasterQuick release. Another tumbler switch is operated to quickly release the tool from the door frame.






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