UK - Bristol 2014

UK - Bristol 2014

Rescue Experience Seminar, UK

On 30th October 2014 we delivered this Rescue Experience event in the United Kingdom to an audience of nearly 120 people from fire and rescue services across the country, with about 50-60% of the attendees not being Holmatro user. The event was a mix of theoretical presentations from key speakers and interactive demonstration/hands on our products; all of which covered a variety of technical and medical aspects of rescue.

We all know that rescuers, by nature, have an unrelenting thirst for knowledge and are constantly seeking to improve their skills and understanding of key concepts. So it is important to present the latest, most relevant, research based information that promotes active discussion and ultimately empowers them.

At the UK event the program focussed on the following topics:

  • The Golden Hour and extrication plans (Technical / Medical Rescue)
  • Locating and contextualising extrication information available online (Technical Rescue)
  • New car construction (Technical Rescue)
  • How can the physiology of cold water immersion influence extrication from vehicles in the water to maximize patient survival? (Medical Rescue)
  • Equipment innovations (Technical Rescue)
  • Cutting the latest model vehicles (Technical Rescue)

Discussion is key

UK - Bristol 2014

The people who attend an Holmatro Rescue Experience have a lot of operational experience. For this reason, such events cannot be didactic but they rely on information and contributions from the audience. This ensures that the information that is presented is relevant. The Holmatro Rescue Experience aims to promote discussion with a view to developing future best practice. The presentation held by our Rescue Consultant Ian Dunbar posed two key questions, namely: 

  1. Where do rescuers obtain the latest information relating to extrication?
  2. What is the impact of new car construction on the latest extrication tools?

In addition to this presentation Holmatro invited two key speakers at the Rescue Experience: Mr Paul Savage OBE and Dr Mark Forrest. Paul presented some of his fascinating research into patient immersion (where a person is in water but their head is above the surface), submersion (where a person is fully under the water Inc. their head) and drowning. He particularly focussed on incidents where vehicles enter water and a technical rescue is required.

Dr Forrest presented research into the ‘Golden Hour’ and proved that although many rescuers around the world subscribe to this concept, there is very little (if any) evidence to support it. He linked this to technical rescue and the need for personnel to adopt a different approach to extrication planning.


UK - Bristol 2014

Rescuers deserve the best physical and mental ‘tools’ in order to perform their role safely, efficiently and in the most casualty focussed way possible. Whilst physical tools are very important, mental ‘tools’ or knowledge is crucial. One is simply not effective without the other. It therefore follows that sharing the very latest, evidence based information is something the Holmatro Rescue Experience aims to deliver every time. Having access to world renowned experts allows us to achieve this and we will continue to place great emphasis on passing on knowledge to rescuers around the world.


“An excellent opportunity to have access to subject matter experts. It’s great to have Holmatro investing in those that use their equipment and products.”
- Adrian Phillips, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service

“An excellent, well presented day. Informative, training staff approachable, all questions answered.”
- Andrew Pogson, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service

“I really enjoyed the day. Any experience or learning that I can achieve by working with people like the members of your team is what I am trying to achieve.”
- Natham Brina, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service

“Very enjoyable and informative day with many interesting conversations struck up.”
- Tony White, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service

“The whole day was extremely beneficial & worthwhile. Of worthy note were the discussions surrounding the move away from A & B plans to the adoption of Immediate, rapid & urgent plans as alternatives and dealing with immersion casualties.”
- Simon Latham, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service