Quicker & Easier

Quicker & Easier

Why working with CORE Technology is quicker and easier:

Simple set up

Quicker & Easier
  • Connect CORE hose to pump or tool with or without pump running

Change tools under flow

Quicker & Easier
  • Quick: Change tools any time without operating a release valve on the pump
  • Efficient: Saves precious manpower

Para-aramid reinforced hose

  • Lightweight: about 40% lighter than traditional steel reinforced hoses
  • No kinking
  • Easy to handle / manoeuvre
  • Easy to roll and unroll
Quicker & Easier

Unique patented CORE couplers

Quicker & Easier
  • 360° rotating couplers on both tool and pump: No hose entanglement
  • Maintenance friendly flat face couplers: Easy to clean and no dirt inside

Coupler mounted directly on the tools (no pigtail hoses)

  • Compact: Saves space in rescue vehicle
  • Tool coupler not lying in the dirt
  • No swinging pigtail hoses when carrying the tool
Quicker & Easier

Coupling and uncoupling with one hand

Quicker & Easier
  • You can (dis)connect a tool with one hand while standing
  • Special grips at both hose ends