App Vehicle Extrication Techniques

App Vehicle Extrication Techniques

Interactive training app

The training material in the Vehicle Extrication Techniques book is at the basis of the interactive Holmatro Extrication app. This app aims to promote a safe, methodical and casualty centered approach to the extrication of persons following road traffic accidents. It explains in detail the most common technical rescue techniques, illustrated by 60 videos showing you how to perform the procedures. In addition, the app highlights key medical considerations and guides the rescuer through the process of efficient extrication planning.

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Topics include: 

  • Safety
  • The Vehicle
  • Medical Aspects of Rescue
  • The Team Approach
  • Extrication Planning
  • At the Scene
  • Vehicle on its Wheels, Side and Roof
  • Tools and Equipment
  • New Car Technology
  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicles
  • Rescue at Night
  • Extrication near Water
  • Multi Agency Working
  • Training
App Vehicle Extrication Techniques
Easy access to detailed information, tables, pictures and full screen videos


  • Available for iPad2 and newer versions 
  • Available for Android 4.0 tablets and newer versions
  • Including more than 60 videos and 500 photos
  • Written by Ian Dunbar, Holmatro Rescue Consultant
  • Languages: English, Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Price € 14,99 / $ 14,99

Complete training series

The Vehicle Extrication Techniques series for personal and team training is now complete. The book, app, posters and e-learning program offer a mix of rescue techniques with instruction videos, medical considerations and extrication planning. The complete program will become available in multiple languages.

Watch the trailer to get an impression of what the Vehicle Extrication Techniques series is all about!