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"The best thing about knowledge is passing it on." Read the blog posts of experts travelling the world to train and exchange knowledge with rescuers from all nationalities.

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  • Trauma Update - Adding Some Clarity 59

    Trauma Update - Adding Some Clarity

    Thursday April 28, 2016

    Discussing the very hot issues of self-extrication and the use of cervical collars and spinal boards. Read more 0

  • Social Media - Help or Hindrance? 53

    Social Media - Help or Hindrance?

    Friday November 13, 2015

    Although open communication between technical rescuers and medics on social media is a positive thing, multi-agency training remains key when it comes to adopting new policies. Read more 0

  • Spinal Care 23

    Spinal Care

    Tuesday December 10, 2013

    Even more than new car technology and design, new research based medical insights may change our extrication procedures, e.g. the way we deal with spinal care. Read more 0