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The sharing of knowledge is something I think is very important for the development of rescue techniques. I have been lucky; in my career I have worked with some of the best technical and medical rescuers and learned a lot from them. The knowledge I have is no use if it is not shared.

For this reason I have decided to start writing a blog where I will cover issues related to rescue tools and techniques. It won’t just be my words though. I will be inviting friends, colleagues and experts from all over the world to contribute. The beauty of my job is that I get to see how rescue is performed all over the world, and with this in mind there is always something to learn and consequently, pass on.

Of course, the information contained within my blog will be a result of the knowledge I have gained over the years. This doesn’t make my ideas, thoughts and opinions the only way that rescue should be performed, it’s simply my opinion. For that reason I am seeking as much interaction as possible. I welcome your thoughts, opinions and experiences and I sincerely hope that over the coming weeks and months we share best practice.

The internet is full of thoughts and opinions on rescue, and sometimes it’s difficult to identify exactly what are the best techniques. I am not promising I can answer every question, but I am sure that between us, there is no problem we cannot solve. In addition, if there is a topic you would like me to cover, please just let me know.

Ian Dunbar - Holmatro Rescue Consultant