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The author of this Rescue Blog is Ian Dunbar.

Ian was a member of the UK Fire and Rescue Service for 19 years where he specialized in vehicle extrication, heavy rescue and trauma care. In this period he also acted as an assessor at WRO and UKRO Rescue Challenges and (as of 2006) as a lecturer at ATACC, a medical faculty dedicated to advance trauma & prehospital care.

In 2011 Ian left the UK Fire Service to join Holmatro headquarters in the Netherlands as a Rescue Consultant. In this job he  travelled the world to teach  - and exchange knowledge with -  rescuers in 90 different countries, which gave him a truly global view on technical and medical rescue. This is also reflected in the training program he wrote, Holmatro's Vehicle Extrication Techniques

After almost six years of employment at Holmatro Ian made the decision to leave Holmatro and move back to the UK to be closer to his family. Here he combines the roles of Business Development Manager at ATACC Group, Independant Technical Rescue Consultant and BTCC Medical Team Member.