New solution for door breaching: The Holmatro Door Blaster

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Holmatro Door Blaster press pic

15 Dec 2016

Faster than ever, quiet remote operation: Holmatro presents the Door Blaster. This new type of door opener works as fast as explosives, without the disadvantage of flying debris. Quick installation and noiseless remote activation withing seconds make the Door Blaster extremely suitable for use in stealth operations. Connected to a pump in a practical backpack, the tool can be carried, installed and operated by a single person.

How does it work?

Holmatro Door Blaster remote control

Pressing a button on the Door Blaster is all it takes to extend it and clamp it in the door frame. Then you can step away from the door to operate the tool from a safer location, using the remote control. It only takes seconds to open the door and to make the tool drop by activating the quick-release function.

Features & Benefits

Holmatro Door Blaster carrying by one person

The main features and benefits of the Holmatro Door Blaster are:

• Powerful
- Suitable for use on high-resistance, multiple lock doors

• Pneumatic-hydraulic drive
- Extremely quick: opens a door in seconds
- Noiseless: no sound from the pump

• Compact and lightweight
- Carrying, installation and operation by a single person

• Equipped with remote control
- Safer: allows you to activate breaching and quick-release functions from a distance
- Quick and easy: pushing a button is all it takes

• Repetitive use possible
- No interruption of your operation

• Drive unit in practical backpack
- Easy carrying of full system by one person
- With PALS webbing to hold additional equipment
- With quick-release clasps for immediate release of backpack

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