Holmatro introduces Sharp Edge Protection Blanket SEP 2.5 ST

News overview

24 Feb 2014

Holmatro launches a new product for protection against sharp edges on objects you need to climb over, like walls and fences: The Sharp Edge Protection Blanket SEP 2.5 ST. Instead of having to remove glass fragments, razor wire and the like before proceeding with your operation, you simply cover these with the blanket, saving time and effort. The SEP 2.5 ST can be used lengthways, widthways and double folded for extra protection.

Other features & benefits

Being developed for military and police special operations forces the blanket meets specific requirements such as low visibility and rapid deployment. With compact dimensions when folded and a low weight, it is easy to carry and transport as part of your existing kit or in its accompanying carrying bag. The bag opens at the bottom for easy release of the blanket. The SEP 2.5 is also water repellent and fire retardant.

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