Sharp Edge Protection Blanket (SEP)

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The quick and lightweight solution to protect yourself against sharp edges during tactical operations.

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  • Rapidly deployable: Simply unfold the blanket and cover the sharp edges
  • Saves time: no need to remove sharp obstacles

Lightweight with compact dimensions when folded

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to add to your existing kit

Low visibility

SEP 2.5 -Low visibility.jpg

  • Suitable for use during tactical operations

Usable in various ways

  • Lengthways, widthways or two-folded for extra protection

Supplied in carrying bag

SEP 2.5 -Supplied in carrying bag.jpg

  • With adjustable strap for easy carrying on your shoulder or back
  • For easy storage
  • Can be opened quietly by means of the clips or very quick using its Velcro fastening
  • Upside-down design ensures easy release of the blanket when opening the bag

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