When Holmatro launched Pentheon Series battery-powered rescue tools, first responders around the world became part of a revolution. We gave you unrestrained performance for every mission, and now we introduce a level of performance, usability, connectivity and serviceability unlike anything you've seen before. This is the next-gen Pentheon Series. 

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Cutter PCU60

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Cutter PCU50

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Cutter PCU30CL

Battery-powered rescue tools

Our Pentheon line includes a range of innovative, cordless rescue tools, each engineered to offer unmatched efficiency and reliability in critical rescue situations. These battery-powered extrication tools are crafted to meet the diverse needs of modern extrication operations, ensuring that first responders are always equipped in the best way.

Unrivaled Performance

Pentheon's performance is unrivaled:

  • Stepless speed maximization means the tools continuously optimize their motor and pump settings, giving you maximum speed at any tool load
  • Electronic motor control and pressure monitoring ensure maximum power during the tools' entire life span
  • Two operation modes give you maximum flexibility in all rescue operations
  • The two-speed inline control handle lets you switch between high-speed and low-speed and keep perfect control at all time
    • Speed is proportional to how far you turn the handle
  • The Pentheon battery delivers optimum performance, while the mechatronic drive technology ensures unmatched efficiency
    • Thanks to automated start/stop and temperature monitoring, no energy is wasted

Superior Usability

Pentheon’s superior usability lets you unleash your full potential:

  • A lower, more friendly tool sound level enables easier communication at every rescue scene.
  • The redesigned user interface features a useful service LED, giving you up to date tool feedback.
  • Charging your tools is a breeze thanks to on-tool charging
    • On-tool batteries have priority over batteries on a separate charger
    • Charge up to six batteries automatically - connect up to three chargers to one outlet
    • The battery powers Pentheon tools, as well as patented OmniLock struts and other upcoming Holmatro product
  • 360° inline control handle and 360° indestructible carrying handle give you ultimate freedom in accessing vehicles from all sides
  • Perform under all imaginable weather conditions: Pentheon tools can withstand rain, snow and can even be used under water

Advanced Connectivity

With Pentheon's advanced connectivity, you have insights at your fingertips. Connect tools to your tablet or smartphone via Bluetooth and experience new ways in using and monitoring your tools. With the intuitive MyHolmatro app you can:

  • View realtime diagnostics during every operation
  • Perform a fully automated self-check, keeping your tools in perfect condition

Exceptional Serviceability

Pentheon’s exceptional serviceability means you are back into action in no-time. With an extensive service software program, Authorized Holmatro (Dealer) Service Technicians can provide the best service for your Pentheon tools. It combines in-depth tool diagnostics with automated inspection procedures.

The different cordless rescue tools

The Pentheon series contains four main types of tools, each designed for specific extrication scenarios:

  • Spreaders: getting a powerful grip on a rescue situation has never been more intuitive with our best-in-class battery-operated Spreaders.
  • Cutters: powerful, smart, and easy to use, our cutting-edge battery-powered Cutters give you a head start in every rescue scenario.
  • Combi Tools: delivering final proof that one plus one does equal three, our battery-powered Pentheon Series Combi Tools truly do it all.
  • Rams: With our compact, cordless telescopic Rams, creating space to ensure a patient’s safety is equally fast as it is controlled

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