New Holmatro 12 bar Lifting Bags

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Maximum safety and control at 50% more lifting power

Holmatro introduces a new 12 bar lifting bag system, designed for safe and controlled lifting of heavy objects. With 50% more power the new lifting bags offer a 50% higher capacity than 8 bar bags of equal size. A new lightweight control unit allows you to apply this increased power in a safe and controlled way. The range has been equipped with many user-friendly features to help you do your job safer and easier.

Safe and controlled lifting

Safe and controlled lifting.pngThe intuitive button operation of the control unit allows for precise and controlled air flow regulation. Lifting stops as soon as the button is released. With the built-in non-return valves there is no risk of air pressure shifting from one bag to the other. For improved safety the couplers on the control unit and on the hoses unlock in two steps: this releases the pressure before hose disconnection.


Safe and controlled lifting_LED-illuminated_pressure_gauges.pngWith the extra pressure gauge on the control unit you can easily keep an eye on the incoming air pressure. Even in the dark, as all pressure gauges are LED-illuminated. For improved visibility the lifting bags also have reflective markings on both sides.


Ease of use

Ease of use.pngThe increase in lifting capacity means that you can get the same job done with a smaller sized bag at a lower weight. A label with visual indication of the lifting height helps you to quickly select the right bag. The smaller and lighter bags are easier to manage, especially with the new integrated vulcanized carrying handle.



Ease of useTo facilitate insertion of the bags on a rough surface they have been equipped with slider pads. They also have inserts for lifting eyes on two sides, making vertical placement easier. And to help you position a smaller bag on top of a larger one the bags have center markings on all sides.


Twelve models available

Holmatro offers twelve new lifting bag models, with capacities varying between 2 and 93 tons. The full system is compliant with all relevant safety standards, including EN 13731.

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