New Combi Tool 5160 from Holmatro

4 Dec 2017

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Holmatro launches a new addition to its range of multifunctional rescue equipment: the Combi Tool model 5160. A single powerful tool for cutting, spreading, squeezing and pulling, offering rescuers ultimate flexibility. Designed for multiple heavy duty tasks and tested on the strongest materials, the new Holmatro combi tool has the lowest weight in its class.

Largest opening

Largest opening.jpgMeasuring more than 18 inches/460 mm Holmatro’s new combi tool has the largest spreading distance in the market. Combined with the highest forces it allows you to create all the space you need and to cut a variety of wide and strong materials.



Unique grip tooth

Unique grip tooth.jpgThe Combi Tool 5160 has been smartly designed to optimize its cutting performance. A unique grip tooth on both blades offers extra bite when cutting and helps to keep wider materials inside the jaw. The tool is also fitted with Holmatro’s patented i-Bolt: a flat central bolt construction to minimize blade separation and maximize cutting performance.



Removable tips

Removable tips.jpgThe tips of the new combi tool can be easily removed with one hand, even with gloves on. This is especially important if you need to make a complete cut across a wide area. The tip is designed in one piece and has reflective markings to locate it quickly in the dark.



User-friendly features

User-friendly features.jpgWith six integrated high output LED lights in the carrying handle of the combi tool you never need to work in your own shadow. The carrying handle has an ergonomic design so you can operate the tool more comfortably in various working positions. Its centrally placed control handle at the back of the tool is always within reach, even in the most difficult positions.



Two models available

Two models available.jpgThe new Combi Tool 5160 is part of Holmatro’s innovative 5th generation rescue tools. It is available in two versions: CORE with a hose, or cordless. Both types have been subjected to independent rigorous testing and the EN/NFPA scores for the CT 5160 (CORE) version and the GCT 5160 EVO 3 (cordless) are identical. This means that the battery-powered model has the exact same performance as the one that is powered by a separate pump.




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