Why choose Holmatro?

Why choose Holmatro

Holmatro – Feel the power

Holmatro’s hydraulic equipment and systems are used for different industrial applications around the world. Still, for over 50 years after the foundation in 1967, we keep honoring our traditional Dutch roots and represent innovationquality and support. That is why we design, develop, manufacture, and test our tools in-house. Our experience with high-pressure hydraulics enables us to seek out the boundaries of what is technically possible. This has made our tools lighter, compacter, more durable, and easier to use.

Besides the headquarters in the Netherlands, Holmatro has state-of-the-art production facilities and sales offices in the Netherlands and the United States. We have sales offices in China and Poland, and representatives in Germany, Croatia, and India. Together with our global dealer network who are all fully trained at our own training center, we guarantee the same Holmatro standard of quality and a perfect after-sales service for all of our products all over the world.

Our extensive product range, among other items, includes:

  • Industrial Tools - Hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical tools, such as hydraulic cylinders, lifting tools, hand tools, hydraulic pumps, system components, tensioning hydraulics, and propeller sets. These are used in, among other sectors, shipbuilding, heavy transport, maintenance, petrochemicals, offshore, construction & installation, mining, and civil engineering.
  • Industrial Solutions - Results-oriented customised hydraulic solutions for loads that are difficult to move with standard tools. This includes challenges relating to lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting and horizontal movement. We work closely with users to achieve the correct solution.
  • Industrial Cutting Tools - Cutting tools specially designed for cutting various materials (metal,
    cables, profiles, etc). Mainly used in cable recycling, vehicles recycling, household appliances recycling and in various demolition industries.
  • Foundry Tools - Foundry wedges for the nodular cast iron industry to remove feeders and risers from castings quickly and safely without damaging the casting itself, , and with much less physical effort.
  • Rerailing - Holmatro Rerailing Systems offer a solution for faster, safer and a more controlled rerailing of railway vehicles on the track. This ensures business continuity by greatly reducing delays and costs.

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