Holmatro extends its Rerailing portfolio with a Compact Rerailing Unit – lightweight and easy to use when space is limited!

16 Sep 2021

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When a railway vehicle derails, the wish is to have the vehicle back on track as soon as possible in a safe and controlled manner. If the available space is limited a system needs to be in place that is able to do the job. Holmatro proudly launches the Holmatro Compact Rerailing Unit.

CRU - traverse sled - small

The user can compose a Compact Rerailing System that is suitable for their own application. Depending on the weight of the vehicle rerailing can be done with one or two units. The Holmatro Compact Rerailing Unit is the lightest solution in the market to rerail a lightweight railway vehicle with the highest precision.

Back on track in no-time!
Easy transportation towards the accident site and easy installation are two main reasons why Holmatro developed this new Compact Rerailing Unit. Due to its lightweight components and its small overall dimensions less time and personell will be needed to install the system which results in less downtime and costs. 

Compact and lightweight are the perfect fit
This new Compact Rerailing Unit is a perfect fit with lightweight railway vehicles due to its small dimensions. Another advantage of this Compact Rerailing Unit is that it is divisible which makes the Compact Rerailing Unit user-friendly, easy to carry to the accident, and easy to position in the right spot.

The load lowering valve makes sure that lowering is possible in a controlled manner without the load being of influence on lowering. Time is key when a railway vehicle derails. With this new Compact Rerailing System it is possible to keep the pump running while switching between control components. This saves time which reduces downtime.
You are in control!
The user is in control. Holmatro always has its users in mind when developing products, and the development of the Compact Rerailing Unit is a good example of this. This Compact Rerailing Unit meets the user’s needs – to be able to rerail a railway vehicle in a fast, safe and controlled manner.

CRU - set - motorpump

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