The Safety Team about Holmatro

When the race is for life

We are extremely proud to be affiliated with the premier on-track safety team in the world. Members of the INDYCAR Safety Team serve on their  home fire departments when not at INDYCAR events and, like them, we believe in constant improvement and innovation. When the race is for life, you can count on the INDYCAR Safety Team, like they can count on Holmatro rescue tools.

About the Team

The INDYCAR Racing League is the only open wheel series whose dedicated safety team travels to every racing venue to provide fire, rescue and medical care for their drivers and team members.   The INDYCAR Safety Team is comprised of nearly 30 physicians, nurses, paramedics and firefighters/EMTs who average 20 years of experience in their respective fields. At each new venue the team conducts an 8-hour instructional course. In addition, they hold update sessions at the start of each racing day. The team also continually evaluates its on-track procedures to optimize safety for both participants and spectators.

Tools & Training

As a world leader in rescue equipment, our gear is called upon every day to save lives. What we learn in racing helps us to keep ahead of the new technologies that will ultimately make their way into the cars on the street. The cars our customers will need to deal with. We hope that with our support in tools and training the INDYCAR Safety Team will continue to be world leader in motorsports safety and on-track response.