Discover the new Holmatro hand pumps

Discover the new Holmatro hand pumps

Holmatro is introducing a new range of innovative hand pumps suitable for all industrial applications.

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Your tools deserve a Holmatro pump

The operation of your hydraulic tools is mainly determined by the corresponding hand pump. You prefer to work with the best tools so you need the best hand pumps too. These not only ensure that the tools function but are also responsible for a large degree of your experience and perception when working with the hydraulic tool.

The Holmatro hand pumps are ergonomically designed, have a robust, compact construction, are service- and maintenance-friendly and they combine a low operating force with a high oil output. This all combined with a range of handy features make our new range of hand pumps a worthwhile asset for you and your tools.

The Holmatro Testteam tested the new hand pumps 
Ergonomic design and still suitable for every industrial application? The Holmatro Testteam tested the new hand pumps. Throwing, chucking, sand, water and extreme heat; nothing was left to chance by our Testteam. Interested in the results? Watch the film here.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Robust, Compact Construction
  • Easy Service & Maintenance
  • High Output with Low Operating Force

All the advantages summarized


  • Ergonomic design
    Light weight; easy to carry and operate
    - Low operating force required; minimal user effort Soft-grip handles; more comfort and grip
    - Anti-slip rubber underneath; pump is stable and does not shift
    - Pump handle lock; easy and safe to carry
  • Robust and compact construction; suitable for all industrial applications, longer service life and space-saving in storage.
  • Service- and maintenance-friendly; technical parts are easy to access and replace without removing the tank.
  • High oil output; quicker action both in the first and second stage.
  • Accurately adjustable pressure release valve; loads can be lowered safely and with extreme control.
  • Pressure gauge connection on the pump block; the pressure gauge can be directly mounted on the pump at an angle of 45 degrees, making it easily readable.
  • Oil level glass in the tank; easily check the oil level in both horizontal and vertical position.
  • Integrated filler funnel; top up oil easily and quickly without extra accessories.
  • Push & Unlock pump handle lock; unlocking is quick and easy with one brief push on the pump handle.

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