Holmatro industrial battery cutters

Holmatro industrial battery cutters

Holmatro launches the first battery cutter (BCU) in the market for heavy industrial cutting up to 65 tonnes

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Battery driven hydraulic cutters for industrial cutting applications up to 65 tonnes

Battery driven hydraulic cutters for heavy industrial cutting applications. A solution that wasn’t available on the market until now. Based on our powerful industrial mobile cutters and the proven technology for our rescue battery cutters, Holmatro developed a complete new range of battery cutters specially designed for recycling, demolition, dismantling and replacement industries.

Ultimate freedom

Holmatro’s industrial battery cutter range is an extension of the current mobile ICU cutter range, only cordless. Cordless simply means that the cord, or in this case 'the hose', has been eliminated, freeing the tool from any external power source. The benefits of cordless, battery-powered tools are obvious. The absence of the hose allows the user a total freedom of movement. The user can start working immediately just by pressing the on-off button. The inline control handle with 360° access is always within reach. And in combination with the ergonomic carrying handle an optimal work comfort is provided, even in the most difficult positions. The battery is positioned on top of the tool. This makes it always accessible and easy to change, even in narrow spaces.

Holmatro offers a total of 11 standard battery cutters with a maximum cutting force of 65 tonnes. 

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  • For heavy industrial cutting applications
  • All weather proof
  • Ultimate freedom
  • Unmatched performance
  • Sustainable construction
  • Newest lithium-ion battery technology

All the advantages summarized

Holmatro fits the indusrial battery cutters with a number of unique features. Watch the feature video:


  • Lightweight, user-friendly and ergonomic
  • Self-contained
    - For optimal freedom of movement
    - Rapid deployment: simply press the start button and start working
  • Ergonomic carrying handle; optimized ergonomic carrying handle design increases operator comfort in various working positions
  • Stays on torque due to permanent locking of central bolt
  • Battery on top of the tools; quick and easy to change, even in narrow spaces
  • Latest lithium-ion battery technology
    - Long battery life combined with high capacity for maximum operational use
    - Low self-discharge rate, no memory effect
    - Suitable for use at high altitudes
    - LED indicator to check battery capacity left
  • Emission-free
    - No fumes: healthier for users
    - Ideal for use in confined and/or underground spaces
    - Environmentally friendly
  • All weather proof
    - Suitable for use at below zero temperatures, down to -20°C / -4°F
    - Suitable for use in wet weather conditions
  • Various blade types available
    - Cutting capacities up to 65.7 ton
    - Quickly and easily exchangeable
  • Safe
    - Tools can only be operated by using both hands
    - Dead man's function
    - Guarded moving parts



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