Holmatro extends its cable cutter range with the new HCC 210 – high performance and great mobility

25 May 2022

HCC 210 banner

If your industrial application lies in the field of cable cutting? Look no further. With the new HCC 210 you can cut large cables up to 210mm while working safe. 

Cutting with this HCC 210 means no sparks and no heat generation which makes this cable cutter a safe alternative for grinding (and sawing). Next to that the HCC 210 is usable in all positions which means that the user can always operate this cable cutter from a safe position. 

Holmatro has made the HCC 210 durable by equipping the HCC 210 with hardened blades that can be sharpened.  

The HCC 210 is for its size a relatively lightweight cable cutter and is easy to position by the operator with the repositionable carrying handle. This new cable cutter is equipped with a certified lifting eye which means that the operator can lift and position the HCC 210 in a user-friendly way.

HCC 210 product image

You are in control!
The user is in control. Holmatro always has its users in mind when developing products, and the development of the HCC 210 is a good example of this. This HCC 210 cable cutter meets the user’s needs – to be able to cut in a safe, durable and ergonomic manner.

HCC 210