Ship wedges

Holmatro ship wedges are used at shipyards to bear a ship during a long period to subsequently release it at one stroke while launching it. The ship wedges are designed to be extremely robust. They're resistant to welding works and need low maintenance.

Quick release cast iron ship wedges

Holmatro ship wedges, made of special cast iron, are used among other things, in ship building when ships are built on slopes. The quick release ship wedges can support a static load of 50 tons and 80 tons. When these wedges are fully loaded the special construction makes it possible to release the wedge with a single hammer-blow.

Launching a ship

Ships that are built and repaired on the slope of a shipyard have to be wedged in order to be kept in place. This is done in various ways. For example, a temporary construction can be made with a pile of beams or blocks, also known as the keel block, chair, cradle or pot.

The cast iron wedge has great advantages compared to a wooden ship wedge or other wooden supports, which are always difficult to release. In many cases a sledge hammer has to be used to remove wooden blocks from underneath the ship when it is launched. Holmatro's cast iron ship wedges are the perfect solution and releasing is possible even when they are overloaded. The wedges are heavy-duty, can withstand welding and are maintenance-friendly.