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Our range of cylinders, pumps and system components offers you flexibility and controlled power, from 5 to 300 tons for any application. 

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With a lifting capacity of 5 up to 100 tons and a stroke length varying between 25 and 450 mm the Multi purpose cylinder range is the most extensive spring return hydraulic cylinder range on the market and suitable for the most varied applications. The cylinders are fitted with base mounting holes and collar thread. There is also internal plunger thread on all models to 50 tons. 

Aluminum cylinders

The Aluminium cylinders combine the best of two worlds; they are more than 50% lighter, but are just as robust as their steel equivalent. With a lifting capacity of 20 up to 150 tons and a stroke length varying between 50 and 300 mm the cylinder range is very suitable for lifting activities requiring frequently moving the cylinder, making a low weight essential. Holmatro's aluminum cylinders are available in spring return and hydraulic return.

Flat cylinders

Spring return Flat cylinders are singe-acting hydraulic cylinders with a low construction height and a lifting capacity of 5 up to 150 tons. The cylinders are especially developed in case of limited insertion space like the installation of heavy engines, machines and pressure devices.

Short stroke cylinders

Spring return cylinders with a short stroke are singe-acting hydraulic cylinders with a low construction height. The cylinders have a lifting capacity of 10 up to 100 tons and are very suitable for general lifting activities.

Telescopic cylinders

Telescopic cylinders with a very low construction height, two different capacities and stroke lengths in one cylinder. This makes the gravity return hydraulic cylinders very suitable for  various adjustment activities.

High tonnage cylinders

High tonnage cylinders with a lifting capacity of 50 up to 500 tons and a stroke varying between 50 and 300 mm. These hydraulic cylinders are very suitable for heavy lifting activities and available in gravity return and hydraulic return. 

Locknut cylinders

Locknut cylinders with mechanical load locking, a lifting capacity of 10 up to 250 tons and a stroke length of 50, 150 or 300 mm. Because of the smart return-plunger the hydraulic return locknut cylinders are hardly higher than the gravity return locknut cylinders. Both ranges of hydraulic cylinders are very suitable for long-duration loading by mechanical load locking.

Construction cylinders

Hydraulic construction cylinders are cylinders with hydraulic return (double-acting) and especially developed for use in combination with extension tubes and accessories. The hydraulic cylinders have a lifting capacity of 10 up to 25 tons and a stroke varying between 150 and 250 mm. Construction cylinders can be extended using tubes. Various accessories are available. This cylinder type is also suitable for assembly into a construction.

Hollow plunger cylinders

Cylinders with a hollow plunger for both hydraulic pushing and pulling of heavy loads, Holmatro's hollow plunger cylinders have a capacity of 5 up to 110 tons and a stroke varying between 25 and 150 mm. These hollow plunger cylinders have been developed especially for pulling using pulling rods and are available as spring return, hydraulic return and gravity return types.

Pulling cylinders

Pulling cylinders with a pulling capacity of 11 up to 100 tons and a stroke of 150 mm. Especially developed for, among other things, pulling heavy objects towards each other. Holmatro's pulling cylinders are available with spring return and hydraulic return.