Cylinder sets

Whether it be saddles, base plates, cross heads or various extension tubes. The extensive range of accessories makes the Multi purpose cylinder range safely suitable for even more different applications. Besides individual accessories, Holmatro also offers a complete set, consisting of two 10 ton HGC cylinders, a PA hand pump and lots of different accessories! See below for the Multi Purpose cylinder set.

Multi Purpose cylinder set

Holmatro's multi purpose cylinder set includes components that can be used to carry out even more industrial applications or to enable the multipurpose cylinders to be used even more intensively on the work floor. Whether it's about more stability, height or grip. With Holmatro's extensive supply of accessories for the multipurpose cylinders (HGC) you can make your HGC cylinders suitable in a safe way for even more different applications. The multipurpose cylinder set includes a large number of accessories that are also available separately. The whole set is available in a practical, robust storage box.

Various accessories

10 tons multi purpose spring return cylinders for the easy and safe lifting and lowering of loads up to 10 tons. The HGC 10 S 5 and the HGC 10 S 15 both have mounting holes in the base and screw thread on the cylinder housing. The Duplex Power Coating (nickle layer) makes the cylinders' plunger corrosion resistant and protects it from scratching. It also prevents the adhesion of welding spatter, among other things.

Duo Power Ring

The unique Duo Power Ring concept is a combination of a superior seal and an extremely strong composite guide ring. This unique combination ensures the cylinders' long life span, so you benefit from a longer period of service. The Thread Protector is a robust protection ring that protects the thread on the cylinder housing. The Protector also has a useful tonnage indicator. The XL Saddle+ completely covers the top of the plunger, so it is always protected against damage. In doing so this saddle ensures that the load is transferred optimally to the plunger. This limits undesirable off-centre loads. Moreover, the QPQ treatment protects this type of XL Saddle from corrosion for a long period.

The PA 04 H 2 pump is a compact single-action, 2-stage hand pump. The pump is ergonomically designed, has a robust and compact construction, is easy to service and to maintain, and combines a low operating force with a high oil output. All this, combined with a range of useful features makes this pump an asset for you and your tools.

The hydraulic wedge in the cylinder set is suitable for lifting a load from a flat surface where only a minimal insertion space is available. The wedge is very suitable for carrying out maintenance in places that are awkward to reach and is used to lift machines during dismantling and assembly, adjustment and alignment.

In addition... It is possible to extend your HGC cylinder safely by using the extension pipes especially developed for this purpose. The round base plate offers a solution during work that demands more stability from the cylinder. The special cross head provides you with a better grip. The wedge head is the ideal solution if you need to spread the load. Extra space between the different loads can be created by using the plunger toe. And so on and so forth.