aluminum vs steel

Holmatro aluminum cylinders are just as powerful as, though many times lighter than its steel equivalent.

Watch the test and be convinced!

Hydraulic cylinders

The Holmatro product range includes over 200 different hydraulic cylinders (jacks) in different types and 3 different return types. See cylinders for the complete range hydraulic cylinders.

What is a hydraulic cylinder?

A hydraulic cylinder (also known as a jack, bottle jack, press, small press, small bottle, pump or small pump) is a drive element that is used in equipment or tools to exert linear strength using a hydraulic liquid (oil). 700 bar or 10,400 Psi hydraulic cylinders, jacks or bottle jacks are used to move heavy objects. This can be done by lifting, lowering, pushing and/or pulling them. Holmatro's hydraulic cylinders operate on the basis of high pressure hydraulics. This means that the cylinders can handle an operating pressure of 720 bar. The hydraulic pump forces hydraulic oil into the cylinder. The pressure in the cylinder increases, causing the cylinder's plunger to be pushed out.

Which return types are there?

There are four types of return that can be used to get the plunger back into the cylinder after the lifting has been done:
  • Gravity return; return of plunger by means of the load or another external force.
  • Spring return; return of the plunger by means of a spring integrated in the cylinder.
  • Hydraulic return; return of the plunger by means of hydraulic pressure. Cylinders in which the plunger hydraulically extends and returns are also called double-acting cylinders.

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