Flange spreaders

Holmatro's compact and lightweight flange spreaders are easy to use and extremely safe. The hydraulic flange spreaders have a spreading force of 3.5 tonnes due to the 60° spread wedge.

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Safe opening of flange connections

A hydraulic flange spreader is used to open flange connections safely. A flange is a flat ring at the end of a pipe. Two pipes can be connected with flanges by using nuts and bolts and for this reason flanges have holes in them. The number of nut holes and the thickness of the flange, in addition to the diameter of the pipe, depends on the pressure of the liquid or gas in the pipe.

In addition to pipe equipments, valves, and so on that are attached between them, pipelines often have flanges. Flanges also have to be affixed to pipelines that are joined and this creates a connection that can easily be taken apart. A seal is often placed between the flanges, that are pulled together using nut bolts, in order to make the connection gas and/or liquid tight. If the seal has to be replaced (if there is a leakage, for instance), force is needed to release the flange connection. In the past a hammer and chisel were used, with sometimes dire consequences. Parts flying off and sparks were a great risk. Holmatro's hydraulic flange spreaders are the solution and make this job much easier and safer. Flanges can be separated effortlessly with the enormous spreading power of 3.5 tons, however tight the connection may have become over time. Even the heaviest flanges can be opened in a flash. The flange spreader can be operated separately or as a pair when opening flanges with a large diameter.

Holmatro flange spreaders

Holmatro offers various spring return flange spreaders. The spreaders have a spreading force of 3.5 tons due to the 60° spreading wedge.  The flange spreaders are compact, lightweight and extremely safe to use. Parts that fly off or sparks are a thing of the past with the Holmatro flange spreader. The spreaders are easy to use and operate as they have a hand pump, foot pump, compact electric pump, compact air pump or a Vari pump. Flange spreaders are supplied with a plastic carrying box, including high-grade Molykote® grease and a High Flow female coupler A 118.