Assist tools

Environmentally friendly stack of blocks, trapezium blocks and chocks. Holmatro chocks and blocks are lightweight, water and oil resistant and have a longer life span than wood. They can be stacked and are resilient under pressure due to the unique anti-slip profile and elasticity of the material.

Durable chocks for safe support and stability

Chocks and blocks are plastic chocks that can be used to support lifted loads in a safe way. They can also be used as a wedge to stabilize loads. Holmatro offers various models of chocks and blocks in the shape of a trapezium, wedge and/or block. The chocks are made of recycled polyethylene and are 100% re-usable. They are lightweight, resistant to water and oil and are longer-lasting than hardwood. The permitted surface pressure of chocks and blocks is 100 kg/cm2 in all directions and they remain afloat on water. They are very safe to use and just like wood, they can be sawed, nailed and screwed. No splintering! It is not without reason that Holmatro's chocks and blocks are used for so many applications. They provide excellent stable support and have many advantages compared to wood. The plastic blocks do not break or crack but become distorted only very slowly if overloaded. They are resistant to most liquids and can be stacked.