Multi Purpose Cylinders

Multi Purpose Cylinders

Holmatro Multi Purpose cylinders are equipped with a number of unique features that significantly enhances the life span and the service life of these tools:

Multi Purpose Cylinders

Duplex Power Coating

The Duplex Power Coating is a nickel coating that makes the plunger corrosion-resistant. The top layer of hard chrome protects the plunger against scratches and prevents the adhesion of objects including welding spatters.

Duo Power Ring

The Duo Power Ring is a unique combination of a superior seal and an extremely strong composite bearing.

Thread Protector

The Thread Protector is a robust protective ring for the thread on the cylinder housing. The protector has a handy tonnage indication.

XL Saddle+

The XL Saddle+ is an extra-large saddle that completely covers the top of the cylinder plunger. This means that it is always protected against damage. In addition, its unique sloping shape ensures optimum transmission of the load to the plunger. This limits undesired eccentric loads. Moreover, the QPQ treatment gives this type of XL Saddle long term protection against corrosion.

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