Disconnecting couplings from pumps

Disconnecting couplings from pumps

Commissioned by: BP Refinery Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Disconnecting couplings from pumps at locations that offer extremely limited freedom of movement. Commissioned by BP Refinery Rotterdam, Holmatro supplied a ergonomic pulley puller.


BP Refinery Rotterdam is one of the largest refineries in Europe. This is where the crude oil components that are produced are mixed into the end products that are then sent to depots and filling stations, industry and shipping by road, on the water and in pipelines.


There are approximately 100 storage tanks at the BP site. The pumps that are used to transfer the end products from the bulk storage to the transport tanks are located between the transport tanks, in the open air. After some time, the coupling, which is clamped between the pump and the electric motor, must be replaced due to wear. To do this, the coupling must be pushed off the mandrel. The point is that there is very little space for access and a normal pulley puller is not applicable. In the past, blind flanges were used in combination with threaded rods. A highrisk method, because it is difficult to control. Moreover, a minimum of 2 people were needed to do the job, because this application could easily weigh more than 36 kg.


Disconnecting couplings from pumps

In cooperation with PIPE Technical Projects, Holmatro developed an alternative system that met the requirements of BP in the field of safety, ease of inspection and ergonomics: a pulley puller that makes it possible to disconnect couplings from pumps at locations that offer extremely limited freedom of movement. Using the Holmatro ergonomic pulley puller means that work can now be carried out by one person safely and in a controlled manner.

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