Lifting transformers up to 500 mm

Lifting transformers up to 500 mm

Commissioned by: Mammoet
Location: worldwide

Lifting transformers up to 500 mm at inaccessible locations. Commissioned by Mammoet, Holmatro supplied 85 ton aluminium cylinders and stacking rings.


Mammoet is specialized in heavy lifting and multi-modal transport. Their specialty is transporting, shipping, installing (horizontal and vertical) and decommissioning large and/or heavy structures to and from any location, on both land and water.


A crane cannot always be used for lifting transformers for Mammoet. In case of poorly accessible locations and at locations where the transformer is placed on a gravel bed, the company had needed a lightweight and user-friendly solution.


Lifting transformers up to 500 mm

Holmatro developed 85 ton aluminium cylinders and stacking rings to lift and lock heavy structures like transformers up to a height of 500 mm without the help of filler blocks. Aluminium cylinders with a capacity of 75 tons and a stroke length of 130 mm were also supplied. These cylinders were integrated into the aluminum climb cassettes, developed by Mammoet.

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Did you know aluminium cylinders are up to 50% lighter than steel cylinders? They are therefore easier to work with and better for your employees health & safety.

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