Sideways ship launch

Sideways ship launch

(Tool deployed : Ship launching set)

Complete package

Each ship launch is an impressive event. Especially when you realise that an object of 8000 tons of steel or more, is released by just pressing one button. In order to do this safely and controlled an intensive preparation as well as the right equipment are of vital importance.

Due to close contacts with renowned shipyards and specialised suppliers we have gained extensive technical knowledge and experience regarding sideways ship launches. This makes us an ideal partner to arrange all the necessary tools and equipment for a ship launch : wedges, custom-made cylinder sets, corresponding pumps and the complete control unit. This one-stop-shopping-service saves you a lot of time, hassle and costs.

Sideways ship launch

Ship launching set

One set consists of a cylinder with an electrical quick relief valve, a hand pump with a pressure gauge and a 5 metre hose, and a 5 litre tank with a large diameter connection hose. 4, 6, 8 or more of these sets, combined with an electrical control unit are required for launching, dependent on the conditions and the dimensions of the ship.

The procedure

Sideways ship launch

Before a ship is launched, all support materials such as ship wedges are taken away. The ship then only rests on a number of ‘sleds’ that are fi xed between two support points with the aid of pumped out cylinders. Each cylinder is connected to a tank by means of a large diameter hose. The system is kept under pressure by keeping the quick relief valves on the cylinders closed.

The launch is started by opening all quick relief valves simultaneously from a safe distance. The hydraulic oil then flows from the cylinders into the tanks. This is when the ship starts to move. While the cylinder plungers return due to the weight, and fall over within a few seconds, the ship gradually slides safely into the water.

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