Stretching caterpillar tracks

Stretching caterpillar tracks

(Tool deployed: Custom-made vari pump)


Stretching caterpillar tracks

Our customer - the largest power company in Germany - operates a site that is completely devoted to the mining of lignite. Total area: approximately 115 km2.

The lignite is dug out of gigantic pits (surface area approximately 15 km2, deepest point approximately 250 m) in 3 layers. This keeps 8 enormous machines constantly in operation (24/7). These machines are fitted with caterpillar tracks that must be stretched with great regularity, in order to maintain the speed and efficiency of the processing.

The solution

This stretching requires the use of cylinders in combination with a Holmatro vari pump. In this particular case a 500V version fitted with a custom-made protective frame that includes valves and a filter. The special frame is necessary due to the rough working conditions.

Vari pumps: Standard as well as custom-specific

Vari pumps in the standard Holmatro product range are available in a great many models and with many options: electric, air or petrol driven - single-stage, two-stage for higher operating speeds or twin for the simultaneous operation of 2 tools, different volumes in l/min, different valves for single purpose and/or dual purpose tools. As every situation is different, we also provide custom-made solutions for specific applications and conditions, such as in this example of the German power company.

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