Holmatro opens Service Center in Warsaw

News overview

9 Nov 2017

Starting today, Poland has a new world-class service workshop for industrial high-pressure hydraulics. Dutch hydraulics specialist Holmatro officially extends its Polish sales office with a professional Service Center in Warsaw this week. This Service Center allows Holmatro to make certified maintenance and repair of high-pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical tools accessible for Eastern Europe.

Holmatro, founded in the Netherlands in 1967, designs, develops, manufactures and delivers hydraulic equipment and systems that are used for rescue and industrial applications. Nowadays the hydraulic manufacturer has sales offices all over the world including Poland. The extensive product range contains hydraulic cylinders, lifting tools, hand tools, hydraulic pumps, system components, tensioning hydraulics and propeller sets suitable for various applications, such as shipbuilding, heavy transport, maintenance, petrochemical, offshore, construction & installation, mining and civil engineering.

Easy access to work safely with hydraulics

Essential to all high-pressure hydraulic products is the control of immense power. Working safely is very important at Holmatro. It is therefore not out of context for Holmatro to pay special attention to service and training methods that will facilitate engineers and technical staff to operate its products professionally. “When you work with any brand of high pressure hydraulic equipment you must be able to rely on it for every application under any circumstances. To ensure this, regular maintenance and periodic certification is essential; as well as the deliberate and safe use of your hydraulic tools. Working safely is not only more efficient but also contributes to the increased lifespan of the tools.” says Marcin Chmielewski, Sales Manager Holmatro Poland. “Besides maintenance, repair, testing and certification of equipment we also provide companies with supporting tools and are able to train their employees in the correct and safe usage of the equipment, to increase their awareness of the power of high-pressure hydraulics.”

Dynamic testing of hydraulic tools to identify hidden defects

The new Holmatro service workshop in the Polish capital is equipped with professional test benches and tools, such as a dynamic hydraulic test frame that can be used for all brands. The service technicians have undergone an intensive training period at the Holmatro headquarters in the Netherlands. The hydraulic specialist would like to guarantee the same quality worldwide and work according to the Holmatro Inspection Procedure (HIP). A unique aspect of this procedure is its dynamic method of testing. Dynamic testing by Holmatro means, amongst other things, testing your cylinders across the entire stroke with the use of a contra cylinder. We also simulate the maximum use situation (105% of the capacity) of your tools, so that the over-pressure relief protection is tested. Hidden defects are identified sooner with this method of testing, with an eye to preventing unnecessary breakdowns and dangerous situations on the work floor.