Replacement of generator

Replacement of generator

Commissioned by: Feromont
Location: Nikola Tesla power station, Serbia

Removing an old generator from the machine hall before the new one could be installed. Commissioned by Feromont, Holmatro supplied a skid system.


TPP Nikola Tesla is a power plant located on the right bank of the river Sava, approximately 40 km upstream from Belgrade, near the town of Obrenovac. It is by far the largest power plant in Serbia; the installation generates around 16 TWh annually, which covers almost half of Serbia's electricity requirements. At TPP Nikola Tesla B, Feromont replaced a generator.


The old generator needed to be dismantled and removed from the machine hall before the new generator could be installed.


To remove  the old generator, Feromont used our skid system combined with a Quattro pump and four 150 ton cylinders.

Holmatro’s Skidd Systems are suitable for moving industrial objects and installations of exceptional size and weight, in locations where using a crane is not an option. Due to the user-friendly, modular construction of both systems they are easy to adapt to each load size and project.

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