Tank lifting

Tank lifting

Commissioned by: Fabricom
Location: worldwide

Synchronized lifting of storage tanks and with accuracy to the millimeter, for maintenance and repair appliciations. Commissioned by Fabricom, Holmatro supplied 120 step cylinders with a capacity of 35 tons.


Fabricom has over 30 years’ experience in the design, engineering, construction and maintenance of atmospheric or low-pressure cylindrical tanks as well as pressure storage spheres. They offer single tanks and storage terminals for various products, from conceptual design right through to commissioning. 


Fabricom uses step cylinders to lift storage tanks safely during maintenance and repair. The lifting and locking of storage tanks requires extreme (synchronous) accuracy and efficiency.   


Tank lifting

Holmatro has developed 120 step cylinders (also called climbing jacks) with a capacity of 35 tons and a stroke length of 140 mm. Both the double-acting cylinders and the step plates are made of aluminium in order to keep the total weight as low as possible. The step cylinders are also fitted with a roll saddle for protection of the plunger and to accommodate any eccentric loads.

Holmatro step cylinders are the perfect solution in situations where a greater vertical movement of an extremely heavy load is required than can be achieved with standard cylinders. By using Azobé beams, the Step Cylinder Set is able to lift and hold heavy loads to at least 2 meters height. The step plate is ergonomically designed for easy positioning of the beams, which makes the tool more user-friendly. When using multiple Step Cylinder Sets, the cylinders can be connected with double couplers or T-pieces.

An employee from Fabricom stated: “Our core business is the engineering, construction and maintenance of storage tanks. Using the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set, we can lift the storage tanks in a safe and controlled way and, if required, in four segments. The adjustable head makes it easier to position the cylinder under the temporary support. Thanks to this solution, our people can carry out their work more safely and efficiently.”

Check the Fabricom video and watch how they use our step cylinders:

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Not only Fabricom is excited about the functionality of our step cylinders. Daher also makes gratefully use of Holmatro's climbing jacks. Read more about this project.

Watch the video of Holmatro step cylinders:

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