Removing locking pins with a 600 mm diameter

Removing locking pins with a 600 mm diameter

Commissioned by: Heerema Marine Contractors
Location: North Sea

Quick-release mechanism for the removal of locking pins with a 600 mm diameter and a length of 1650 mm from hoisting rope shackles. Commissioned by Heerema, Holmatro supplied hydraulic pin retraction systems.


At the end of 2012 Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited (TSEUK) awarded Heerema Fabrication Group the Approved for Construction contract for the Montrose Bridge Linked Platform. The construction of the topside started in March 2013 at the Zwijndrecht yard and was completed within three years.

Heerema Marine Contractors was responsible for both the transportation to the offshore location and the installation on site, all carried out by their crane vessel 'Thialf.'


To release the Montrose Bridge Linked Platform (BLP) topside quickly from the shackles of the crane vessel hoisting ropes, Heerema was looking for a lightweight hydraulic quick-release mechanism that could be installed in a very small space.


Our engineers developed aluminum pull cylinders, each with a 15 ton capacity and a stroke length of 900 mm. By linking 2 pulling cylinders to each other by means of a mechanical connection, a total stroke length of 1800 mm was created to push the locking pin out of the shackle. A locknut around the mechanical connection secured the cylinders for extra safety.

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