Horizontal movement of a generator in a limited space

Horizontal movement of a generator in a limited space

Commissioned by: Heavy Lifting & Handling
Location: Stonehaven, Scotland

While moving industrial objects and installations of exceptional sizes and weights, such as generators, the use of a crane is not always possible. Commissioned by Heavy Lifting & Handling, Holmatro supplied a hydraulic Skidding System.


Heavy Lifting+Handling specialises in moving heavy loads and machinery from a particular departure point to a final destination in Belgium, Europe or worldwide. They can move a machine or entire machinery fleet from a department within a building or factory to another site or part of the building.


A rapid increase can be observed in the demand for the movement of industrial objects and installations of exceptional sizes and weights. In view of the limited space in which these objects, such as generators, transformers and medical equipment, are generally positioned, the use of a crane is not one of the standard options.


Horizontal movement of a generator in a limited space

At the request of Heavy Lifting & Handling we designed and produced a  skidding system. The essence of a skidding system is that relatively little force is required to move a heavy load horizontally. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder was intergrated within the push/pull unit of this specific skidding set. This cylinder has a capacity of 26 tons and is able to move a maximum load of 200 tons. The load slides on the skid beam with the aid of ultra-smooth PTFE pads over tracks that are laid out in advance. The push/pull unit of the skidding set is reversible without having to lift it off the track. This makes our configurable skidding system ideally suited for extremely varied, client-specific applications.

Holmatro’s Skidding Systems are suitable for moving industrial objects and installations with exceptional sizes and weights to locations where using a crane is not an option. Due to the user-friendly modular construction of both systems they are easy to adapt to each load size and project.

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Pieterjan Van Iseghem, Managing Director Heavy Lifting & Handling: “The destination in Stonehaven could only be reached via a poorly accessible, narrow and very steep slope. We even had to get the assistance of a dumper truck for the last bit of transportation. Eventually the transformer was unloaded at the right place and positioned on the foundation provided by using cylinders and Holmatro’s Skidding System. Without this system we would not have been able to carry out the job so safely and controlled.”

Check the video and watch the Holmatro Skidding System in action:

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Did you know Holmatro also supplies lightweight Skidding Systems that can be easily carried, handled and positioned by one or two persons without the need for a forklift or the use of extra equipment? Watch the feature video:

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