Bridge lifting

Bridge lifting

Commissioned by: CT de Boer
Location: Galecopperbrug, Netherlands

During the renovation of the Galecopperbrug the bridge will remain open to traffic while it is raised several tens of centimetres. Commissioned by CT de Boer, Holmatro supplied five double-acting lock nut cylinders, each with a capacity of 605 tons.


The Galecopperbrug is part of the A12 between Utrecht and The Hague and spans the Amsterdam-Rijn canal in Utrecht. With more than 200,000 vehicles per day the Galecopperbrug is the second busiest bridge in the Netherlands.


From 2013 to 2015, Rijkswaterstaat (department of waterways and public works) will be renovating the Galecopperbrug. This is because the bridge is showing signs of fatigue in the road surface due to the stronger growth of traffic and the increased weight of trucks. During the renovation the Galecopperbrug will be raised several tens of centimetres in order to make it suitable for vessels carrying four layers of containers. Meanwhile the bridge will remain open to traffic.


To lift this 240 metre long bridge Holmatro has developed five double-acting lock nut cylinders, each with a capacity of 605 tons. With a stroke length of no less than 1300 mm, the unique technical design of the return plunger means that they have a relatively low closed height of 2070 mm.

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