• Always check if the couplers are connected correctly.
    • All Holmatro double-acting cylinders and tools have a pressure relief valve on the return tube. This prevents overpressure in the tool when the return tube is interrupted (and the oil above the piston cannot return to the tank). If you connect the couplers correctly, this safety valve does not have to be put into action. Moreover, by connecting couplers correctly, oil leakage is prevented.
  • If during operation a cylinder (plunger) extends in a jerky manner, this may point to air in the system. Then you need to bleed the cylinder.
    • You can do so by placing the cylinder upside down, pumping it out and letting the oil return to the pump. Please note that the pump has to be placed on a higher level than the cylinder. This way, all air is removed from the system through the air relief valve of the pump.
  • In case you want to store single-acting cylinders for a long period of time, especially after using them in not-so-clean environments, it is advisable to store the cylinders upside down.
    • When using a cylinder in a rough or rather dirty environment, it is possible that water or dirt enters the cylinder. By turning the cylinder upside down, an oil layer will develop against the inside of the cylinder housing, which prevents corrosion.
  • It is advisable to clean (remove sand from) the couplers of hydraulic cylinders or other hydraulic tools after use.
    • If sand enters the hydraulic system through the coupler, there is a risk of damaging the tool.
  • It will benefit the life span of cylinders when you make use of a tilting saddle during lifting actions.
    • A tilting saddle absorbs off-center loads, which benefits a cylinders life span. Standard Holmatro cylinders can deal with off-center loads of 5-10%. By using a tilting saddle, an extra margin of safety is built in.
  • The plunger of a pulling cylinder standard sticks out from the cylinder housing. When working in rough environments it might be necessary to protect this plunger.
    • The function of a pulling cylinder is the opposite of the function of a ‘standard’ hydraulic cylinder (pulling instead of pushing). The plunger of a pulling cylinder standard sticks out from the cylinder housing. When working in rough environments it might be necessary to protect this cylinder. You can solve this easily by using the special Holmatro protection springs. This way your cylinder is always protected against for example welding sparks.
  • To measure is to know. Holmatro advises users of hydraulic systems to always install pressure gauges to pumps and manifolds.
    • This way you always know what is going on in your hydraulic system. It provides you with information about for example the weight of the load that needs to be lifted, the material that has to be cut, etc. It has a safety function at the same time. Of course all Holmatro hydraulic systems are standard protected against overpressure.
  • When lifting with Holmatro lifting bags and using extra support materials, it is advisable to place these materials under the lifting bag. This prevents the material from accidentally shooting away.
    • When you use Holmatro lifting bags to lift a heavy load, you may want to use extra support materials to reduce the insertion space, in order to make the most of the lifting capacity of the lifting bags.
  • With 2-acting hydraulic systems, rest pressure could stay behind in the system (disconnecting). If you then try to connect the system again, this will probably be very difficult or even impossible.
    • Tip 1: Before switching the pump off, try to remove all pressure from the system by moving the valve up and down. By doing this there will be oil both above and under the piston, thus removing rest pressure from the couplers.
    • Tip 2: Buy a Holmatro pressure relief button in case any rest pressure still stays behind in the system after uncoupling. For the A-119 coupler this is the A-119OK pressure relief button, for the A-118 coupler this is the A-118 OK pressure relief button. For our industrial cutters you can use the pressure relief valve HRV720.
    • With these buttons you can easily relieve the rest pressure in the cylinder and/or hoses.

More user tips soon to come ...