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1 Jan 2015

Lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting or horizontal movement; whatever direction your project moves in, we move with you. With Industrial Solutions we present you with a selection of results-oriented custom made high-pressure hydraulic solutions for industrial use.

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Perfection is the starting point for all industrial solutions

The world of high-pressure hydraulics is constantly in motion. We are therefore proud to present you with a selection of high-pressure hydraulic solutions for industrial use. Results-oriented solutions that are regularly developed on request, and may also be of added value to you. Perfection is the starting point for all industrial solutions at Holmatro. You will see this reflected in quality, ease of use and safety. All our products are developed, manufactured and tested in-house. The result: traditional Dutch quality and reliability. Our products have a life span that extends for years, partly due to our comprehensive service program.

Challenge us!

Lifting, pushing, pulling, lowering, weighing, tilting or horizontal movement; whatever direction your project moves in, we move with you. In collaboration with our R&D, Production and Service departments, we place ourselves in your situation and participate fully in the thinking process to achieve the right solution for your usage requirements. Allow us to inspire you and challenge us to come up with a solution for your specific problem. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Computer-controlled synchronized positioning of heavy loads

Holmatro Synchronized Positioning System

Construction of the Schuman-Josaphat-rail tunnel in Brussels

During the construction of the new Schuman-Josaphatrail tunnel in the centre of Brussels, 26 concrete rail casings were immediately placed on site in the tunnel shafts. After hardening, the concrete colossi measuring 90 metres in length and weighing 400 tons needed to be lifted in order to place vibration dampers underneath and to build bridge supports.

Dirk Davidts, Team Leader CEI - De Meyer: “We developed the modular Synchronized Positioning System for this project in collaboration with Holmatro. The intensive partnership and Holmatro’s contribution to the engineering process resulted in combining highpressure hydraulics and digital control technology for the first time. We were successful! Thanks to the advanced system, the positioning variance was just one millimetre per cylinder. This meant that no inadmissible stresses occurred in the structure during lifting and lowering.”

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Horizontal movement of heavy loads in limited surroundings

Holmatro Skidding System for Heavy

Transportation, placement and installation of a transformer

The principle of the Skidding System is that relatively little power is needed to move a heavy load horizontally. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder was fitted in the push/pull unit of the skid-set for Heavy Lifting & Handling. With two cylinders of 26 tons we could move 400 tons.

Pieterjan Van Iseghem, Managing Director Heavy Lifting & Handling: “The destination in Stonehaven could only be reached via a poorly accessible, narrow and very steep slope. We even had to get the assistance of a dumper truck for the last bit of transportation. Eventually the transformer was unloaded at the right place and positioned on the foundation provided by using cylinders and Holmatro’s Skidding System. Without this system we would not have been able to carry out the job so safely and controlled.”

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Larger vertical movement of heavy loads with accurate control

Holmatro Step Cylinder

Storage tanks maintenance

Holmatro developed 120 pcs 35 tons Step Cylinders for Fabricom.

Employee Fabricom: “Our core business is the engineering, construction and maintenance of storage tanks. Using the Holmatro Step Cylinder Set, we can lift the storage tanks in a controlled way and, if required, in four segments. The adjustable head makes it easier to position the cylinder under the temporary support. Thanks to this solution, our people can carry out their work more safely and efficiently.”

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Powerful systems for offshore wind

Seajacks Offshor solutions

Construction of wind farm

Seajacks is the main installation contractor for the construction of Meerwind, a 288MW wind farm development located in the Exclusive Economic Zone region of the German North Sea. When fully operational, the eighty turbine project will produce enough energy to power 400,000 households every year.

Employee Seajacks: “In the second phase of installing a wind turbine, each foundation pile is fitted with a ready-made transition piece. Each transition piece weighs 270 tons. A crane lifts the transition piece and slides it over the foundation pile, overlapping it 7 metres. We place the transition piece perfectly vertical, and correct any error in the foundation pile, which may be a maximum of 0.3 degrees out of perpendicular. We do this using special custom-made Holmatro cylinders. In the hollow space formed, we pour almost 10 m³ of grout (concrete), in order to finally anchor the transition piece to the foundation pile. During the hardening process, we keep the elements exactly in the right position, regardless of the weather conditions.”

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Safe and extremely controllable sideway ship launches

Holmatro Ship Launch solutions

Sideways launching

A sideways launch is always exciting and attracts a lot of people. When you hear the words on the tannoy: “...and wish your crew a safe voyage...” and the Champaign bottle breaks in one go, all eyes are focussed on the immense ship which is about to make its acquaintance with the water. When the last blocks are removed and the hydraulic pressure falls, the rumble can be felt. It is quiet and everyone in the shipyard and on the other side of the Winschoterdiep holds their breath. “Loose!” is heard, as the ship glides from the slope, first slowly and then more quickly.

Wim Vosdingh, Business office assistant Ferus Smit: “Launching a ship without damage to the ship, the surroundings and safety for bystanders is paramount. This means that we work under extremely controlled conditions. Holmatro understands this. Together we developed launching sets which comply perfectly with our business philosophy.”

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Fast, controlled and safe rerailing of railway vehicles on the track

Holmatro Rerailing System

Replacing a derailed train on the rails

If a train is derailed, it must be lifted and moved sideways in order to replace the wheels on the rails. This is done using a Rerailing System.

Johan Knuivers, Team leader Incident Response ProRail: “We were looking for an innovative Rerailing System in which our years of experience could be included. It soon became apparent that Holmatro was the most suitable partner for solving our problem. The result of the close collaboration was astounding: a re-railing system completely adapted to our requirements, equipped with the most modern technology. We have tested the system extensively on different types of rolling stock. Also on a freight wagon which was completely filled with water. The total weight of the wagon amounted to 90 tons. Despite this extreme weight, the re-railing system functioned safely and controlled. Because we were able to move the wagon sideways on the cylinders, it was back on the track in no time."

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Custom Made Solutions

Holmatro Custom made solutions

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