• Can a Holmatro hydraulic cutter cut this material?
    • If you want to know for certain if a Holmatro cutter is able to cut your specific item, please contact our sales department. With our experience we can advise you and if possible we can organize a cutting trial.We recommend that you keep your cutters as free of sand and dirt as possible.
  • The back of the handle/control unit of the cutter is leaking. What could this be?
    • The leak is probably from the back section safety feature. This leaks when the return is subjected to more than 300 Bar. Possible causes are incorrect connection of the coupling or because the couplings have broken loose.Check that the couplings are correctly connected. Tighten the locking nuts of the couplings and replace the safety feature if necessary.
  • My cutter has always worked correctly. But why does it no longer cut?
    • The pressure adjustment of the external safety feature of the pump may have dropped due to use.Have the pressure set again by a Holmatro technician..

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