• Maintenance extends the life span of your cutter.
    • Download The ICU maintenance instructions here.
  • We recommend that you keep your cutters as free of sand and dirt as possible.
    • Keeping them as free of sand and dirt as possible extends the life span of your cutters.
  • The maintenance interval of the hydraulic cutters depends on the frequency of use.
    • In general, the more often you lubricate the better. However, the expression “If a little grease is good, a lot of grease is very good” is not completely true. You must remove excess grease with a cloth. An excess of grease also attracts dirt.
  • Check the couplings before use.
    • Always tighten the locking nuts of the couplings. This prevents leakage from the safety feature due to incorrect coupling.
  • Check the piston guide during maintenance.
    • The piston guide may have become distorted due to use. Contact our Holmatro Service department, if this is the case.

More user tips are soon to come ...