Waste processing

Waste-to-energy plant

Serving the environment is an important aspect of waste processing. Therefore, household and industrial waste is being sorted and incinerated using state of the art technology. This also makes it possible to reclaim over 90% of the waste back into raw materials, building materials and energy.

Removing the waste metal from the drum

Waste-to-energy plants generally run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With an average temperature of 1000°C, combustible waste that cannot be sorted or reused, is processed here. The sorting drum (diameter 1.5 m; length 6 m) is an integral part of the incineration line. This is where the cooled down incineration residue is gathered, and the valuable waste metals are separated. Think of mattress springs for example.

Holmatro’s ICU 02 A 40 compact cutter with an extended operating handle, offers a very safe and quick solution for removing the contents of the sorting drum of caught metal wires. The incineration residue is water-cooled, however, the metal is still weak and gets caught in the drum. Therefore it is necessary to regularly remove this ‘spaghetti’ from the drum, and up till now, this has been carried out using a grinder or cutting torch. But as ‘Hot Cutting’ gives off sparks, dust and noxious gasses, this makes it a potentially dangerous and physically uncomfortable task. The ICU 02 A 40 is an excellent alternative which improves both safety and productivity, and greatly reduces the physical inconveniences for the user.

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Waste processing

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